Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cross Stitch, Chairs and Silly Kitties

Jack bought me a couple old chairs for ten dollars a piece.  The bentwood one only needs new upholstery but the dark one needs a bit more work.  I like them though!
As you can see in the following photos, Sylvia Joy thinks they were bought for her!
I am really coming along on the Gathering Eggs project.  It is still a fun stitch for me.
And I am coming along well on Guardian Angel too.
And I will leave you with pictures of two little sweet dogs I met outside the grocery store today.  I had a very nice visit with their dad too.
Blessings and huggles.


PEA said...

Ooooh I love those two chairs and that's too funny how Sylvia has laid claim to them already! hehe Make sure you show us the chairs again once you've recovered them:-)

Those two pups are so cute, such sweet faces. xoxo

Minnie said...

Your stitching is very good and Sylvia is an excellent furniture inspector, she even checks underneath:-)

Susan said...

Great chairs. I'll love to see what you do to them.

Maggie Ann said...

Those do look like sweet little dogs...and your chairs are really nice!

Lisa said...

It looks like everyone is adjusting well after the move, and back to the daily fun. Such fun seeing the pics of Sylvia! It reminds me of children playing with box...maybe Sylvia is "imagining" all sorts of adventures in these poses! :-)

Barbara said...

What a bargain for someone who can work on them to bring them back.

Don't cats think that everything that comes into the house is there's!