Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Must Be crazy!

On top of a crochet project and two cross stitch projects, I have added a third project.  You can find the free chart at Joyful Expressions
The wings on the angel are coming along nicely.  I have finished the greys (unless I missed something) and now it is a matter of filling in the white.
And I am zipping along on my Gathering Eggs one.  I have finished the tealish colored skirt and am onto the last bit of it.
And here is a picture of some size ten thread I got when Jack and I went to hobby lobby last week.  i thought the colors would make a lovely doily!
So now are you ready to smile or laugh at Sylvia Joy?  Here she is playing in her “cube” or what we call the “spaceship”.  Of course all that playing called for a nap on the dresser!
Thanks for visiting!  Blessings and huggles.


Annie said...

So pretty. I admire your cross-stitching skills. Sadly, all I got for my efforts was crosseyed. I have no gift for this. LOL

merumo said...

Your new project is so pretty in reds! I love reds - it's my color :) And look at your kitty looks so comfy... I can tell she is on a good life!

Susan said...

Oh Michelle!! This is the beautiful one you did in greens and sent me a couple of years ago. It sits just above my computer desk in our office and it blesses me each and every day!!!! I used to do a lot of the counted cross stitch a number of years ago and quit because of my eyesight. Maybe I ought to pick some up again and give it another try. You might have inspired me here!! ((hugs))

By the way, I wish you didn't have that verification - robot thing on your blog :o) I'm so sick of them!
Takes too much time trying to leave comments in my opinion.

Minnie said...

I love your stitching and your cat is adorable. I too am stitching "His Name is Jesus" I think it is a gorgeous design. Mine is in blue, I've switched around the shades a bit. I may have to stitch it again in another color too.

Sarah Beth said...

Hi Michelle. I love the names of Jesus one you are doing. I have a oak musical box keepsake with that design on the front. It was my grandmothers. Your mirabela angel is gorgeous too. Love your blog as always.
Sarah Beth

Nezzy said...

How gorgeous is your beautiful names of Jesus print. Great job sweetie!!!

Darlin' I grew up in Stockton and shopped in your town every Saturday until I married and permanently moved. Our farm was between Stockton and Filly.

God bless ya and have an amazin' day!!! :o)

Mrs. Q said...

Such pretty cross-stitch. I miss having the time to do that!

PlainCatholic said...

I think changing pace on projects is good for us. We need a break from a long term project now and again so why not do some shorter ones, yes?

Queen Sylvia is quite content in her sunshine spa on the window sill. It seems you and Jack both are content and happy in the Lord. God bless you all!