Saturday, February 25, 2012

Life is interrupting my stitching!

Despite a procedure Jack went through and lots of appointments, I have managed to get some stitching done.  I actually did crochet while waiting for Jack’s procedure to be done and while he was waking up.  We did get good news so we are thankful for that!  Anyway, here is the small progress on Names Of Jesus.

It is terribly hard to see the white but I have gotten a lot done on the wings.  I will finish them and then I will finish whatever needs done on the upper part of the chart.  I did find some things I missed on the flowers on her head.

And here is the Gathering Eggs piece.  I am working on her right now but plan to go switch off for the Names Of Jesus piece for my evening sewing.

Here is the basketweave crochet rug for the bathroom I have been working on.  Slow progress but progress it is!

And lastly have a laugh at our girl who does not want to share my side of the bed!  LOL!

God bless and huggles.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Beautiful rug. Do you remember the prayer shawl you sent to me? It is in baby Hayden's nursery at grandmom's. She is learning to say her prayers and loves to use the prayer shawl to cover her tiny baby dolls.
Thanks again my friend. This prayer shawl will be handed down to Miss Hayden when she is older.

PEA said...

So glad to hear that Jack's procedure results were good news! You certainly have been busy with your stitching and crocheting...a perfect way to spend the time:-) As usual, Miss Julia is adorable as ever!! xoxo