Monday, July 16, 2012

Busy day at our home!

I am so close to finishing the top half of Bluebird Sampler.  Hoping to be on the second half by week  end.

 AND Jack finished the candlewick pillow and today I got it all put together.  It is pretty good size to let me tell you!

 And I am nearly finished with this one.  I did the embroidery some time ago and never finished it up.  I still have more to do!

 Here is the back of it.

 Jack is now working on a set of pillowcases he got on sale a while back.  Just two shades of yellow and a shade of blue.

For those wanting to know, the Wall quilt top Jack did was prestamped.  Now I need to get it all put together.  And I was asked why I lost my ability to draw.  I injured my hand severely in a car accident and I have nerve damage in both hands.  I compensate fairly well but not with the drawing part so I just gave up on it.  Now my cross stitch and crochet have taken the place of it.  So thanks for visiting and huggles and blessings.  Been a very busy day here and I am ready for a rest!


Dee said...

WoW,Your Jack has amazing needlework speed as you do.LOVE...the bird pillow.. Was Sylvia camera shy today? I am sorry about your hand injury from a car accident but I am glad you can still be artistic with your textile art.

Mary Ann said...

Your Bluebird Sampler is looking great, and I really like the pillows!

Lynda said...

Your craft work is beautiful Michelle and Jack!

Margaret said...

I always love seeing what you and Jack are stitching. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Lovely projects and pillows.
Happy weekend!