Friday, July 13, 2012

Lots to visit about

A bit of progress on Bluebird Sampler.  Not much but some.

 Lots of progress on my crochet piece.  I have to admit I haven't worked on the heart one for awhile.  I really should since it is nearly done.

 Jack finished his quilt top, now we need to put batting and a back piece.

 Now jack is finishing a pillow top I started long ago.  It is scallops done all in french knots with candlewicking thread.

And now lots of funny Sylvia pictures.

And a cute little video!

Thanks for visiting and blessings!


Simply Jeanarie said...

Ms. Sylvia is so cute... Fun watching her play.. Bless you y friend

Maggie Ann said...

Your filet is lovely, you got so much done...thats nice. And Jack's redwork is really pretty too. Loved the music to your Sylvia video. She seemed a bit shy there at the end when she turned her back on

Anonymous said...


Your sampler and crochet are looking great.
Lovely finish by your husband and his project is lovely.
Loved the video of Sylvia, she is such a sweetie.

Dee said...

Jacks quilt top turned out beautifully with such perfect stitches. I always enjoy seeing your projects and especially enjoy seeing Sylvia. Your music choice went well with the video :) I really like the photo of her feet, and her sleeping. She is a beautiful cat. If she is like my Lucy and Ethyl she does not realize she is a cat but one of your kids. :)

Lady Violet said...

Wow I love the kitty feet--such a clean kitty!

Sarah Beth said...

Jacks quilt is awesome. I really love your blog. Was jacks quilt stamped on to embroider or did he make up the squares himself.

Barbara said...

Wow to everything.Your crochet looks absolutely professional. Love Sylvia your cat as always. Blessings to you both.