Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Think I will stitch!

Not a lot of progress, but some on Bluebird Sampler.  I am still preferring to crochet, when I can sneak it in around a nosy cat!

 I am now on the row of my doily where I will fasten off and complete each heart separately and then do the edging.

 Jack has been a busy boy too!  He is working away on his quilt and still enjoying it.

 Of course we end with our girl and her two favorite hobbies.

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


Dee said...

I hope you are staying cool on this hot fourth of July...a great day for stitching. My kitty's favorite hobby is also napping :) Jacks quilt looks better with each post..I am curious how he will finish the edges.The colors of the doily are looking good.

Lynda said...

Your craft work is lovely Michelle and Jack...especially the sampler! I have done cross stitch samplers in the past, but I find it a bit hard on my eyes these days. I think crochet is my favourite at the moment too.

Huggles to Sylvia! xx