Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Little Of This & That

I wanted to post last night but a very nasty migrane made me wait.  The crazy thing stuck with me thru the morning today as well.  I feel much better now just tired from it.
We stopped by our favorite thrift store this week and came home with a coffee table.  We like it because it is not the usual rectangle shape.
I also made a pair of slipper boots for Jack and have started on another pair for a friend.  They are not very hard and I like the way they look.  the pattern can be found here->boot slippers

And the Names of Jesus piece is getting very close to a finish!  I have enjoyed it as much as the many others I have done.
Sylvia has taken a real liking to the pillow on the sofa and it is often her favorite place to nap so I leave you with a picture of her on it.
Thanks for visiting.  huggles and blessings.


Margaret said...

Awww, isn't it funny when our animals take a liking to a certain item or place to sleep? So sweet! Love those slippers you made for Jack! Very nice! Nice coffee table too. And the stitching looks great too.

Marlene Jones said...

Love the slippers, they look warm. I also love the way we have stopped throwing away perfectly good items and can now recycle and give them to a charity/thrift shops. It has to be really broken before I throw any thing away, and I love wondering around charity shops.

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Michelle!
I love to fn treasures at charity shops and last week I found very classy Partylite Scented candles -they are my favourite and at the chrity shop they cost only halft of the real prize.
The slippers are very pretty and I am sure they are very comfort to wear. Your stitching is almost finished -You have been a very busy Lady.

Sylvia must love to sleep on that soft and pretty pillow -my cats have both they favourite place to sleep.The bigger on of my Kitty Sisters-Miss Namine always sleep a certain corner of our sofa and Melissa Baby seeps on my lap ! :)

Dee said...

I do believe that is now Sylvia's pillow...LOL. Love those slipper boots and coffee table...Thrift stores are great. I found a 250 dollar computer chair for 15 dollars recently for my grandson....♥