Saturday, March 5, 2016

A stitching we will go!

I got a little more done on my cross stitching the last couple days.

I also joined a mystery crochet along and did the first piece of it yesterday.
And finished up the angel. Not my best picture but anyway!
Our neighbor's puppers has to be everywhere his dad is. So he had on his little sweater earlier this week while dad was working in the garage. We just love bosley the dog!
And of course, Sylvia is being Sylvia. Just couldn't wake up this morning!
 Trying so hard to be cute. It is working!
 Just gets up for a nap, eats a bite and naps again. What a life!
Thanks for visiting. huggles and blessings.


Maggie Ann said...

Mystery crochet sounds interesting! Everything looks pretty...

Marlene jones said...

love you craft work as always, liking the mystery crochet project. Sylvia has the right idea life of a lady.

Mii Stitch said...

Great progress on your stitching!!

PlainCatholic said...

We praise God for your return to health. Keeping you all in prayer. Loved the fat single crochet lesson too. I am not sure I have it right yet but it does make a pretty pattern overall.