Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Crocheting Away!

My crochet is keeping me quite busy. Just not feeling like cross stitching. Allergies eyes to not make good cross stitch partners either! Been playing with a doily for later.
Got two baby blankets going for twins expected by a sweet friend.

Trying to finish this doily too. Even though it is not overly large, it is done in sc so there are a total of 78 rows. Been working on it off and on for some time.
And making a shawl requested by a friend. Halfway done now on it.
But my big push is the tablecloth for a friend. I have only to do the points on the last rounds of pineapples and the edge. I am so excited to get it done for her.
And now for silly Sylvia!~

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.

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