Saturday, March 26, 2016

Just a little cross stitch!

Just the least little bit of cross stitching but it is something! Working on the basket in the middle.
And nearly finished with both baby blankets too! Just the border to do on them now. I will swap the colors to do the borders and help them go together.

 Nearly finished with the black shawl as well. Just a couple more balls to go and it will be done.
Jack has been feeling rough with his knee and foot again but enjoyed rolling up some yarn. He loves doing it!
A very lovely sunset the same night we had a bad storm roll thru and a tornado got a bit close. No damage here though.
Sylvia is inspecting the linen closet. Still the same as last time she was in there.
Preparing to wash the acreage! LOL!
And just being Sylvia!


Marlene jones said...

One of our cats always hides when a storm hits us, the other sits at the window and watches. You crafts are all great, ask Jack if he want more to wind, my threads always get in a mess when I wrap them onto cards.

rosey175 said...

Beautiful work and go you dealing with black! I complain about it any time I do anything in black haha. I am also a lover of rolling yarn. Same for bobbinanting floss. :) Happy Easter to you!