Friday, January 23, 2015

Getting closer to another finish!

I have been working away on my jacket.  The side and back seams are done.  Now onto the sleeves and hood!

And we hd one very laid back kitty tonight!

The sunset the other night was stunning!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The day is dragon!

I just had to say that in the post title!  My Jack is slowly getting better but still a long way to go!  Just taking it day by day.
Okay so onto the dragon.  I have been working away on this little fella and here is where I stand on it now.

And now for some Sylvia sillies!  She  was slowly sinking into the sofa here.

Serious napping here!
I dropped a piece of cardboard and it was playtime for the girl!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

What a week!

Dear me but what a whirl wind week this has ended up being.  Rather than getting better, Jack got worse!By Wednesday evening he was burning hot, had chills and his hand and arm were swollen and red.  I was too ill with a migrane to take him to the hospital then and until next week, we have no phone either or anyone to call to take him.  The next morning after a very bad night and his morning blood sugar at 253, I took him to the er.  We ended up being there from eleven in the morning until six that evening and neither if us had had anything to eat since the day before.  Makes one cranky!  They gave him iv antibiotics and sent him home with oral medicine and we had to return yesterday for a recheck and two more does of iv antibiotics.  He has cellulitis.  We have instructions to return if things are not better or get worse and they will do more iv antibiotics.  However, his fever broke last night and the redness is easing.  This is the swelling of his hand to start.
Trying to think away the pain.
Yep, even bigger today but the redness and arm swelling is gone.

At last able to sleep!
Makes it hard on a fella!  I have not felt to cheerful myself as my head has been hurting so much this week and only today is easing up so I am trying to clean the house and also working on my little dragon as Jack gets needed rest.  Thought the little guy might like having his teacup started!
Turned around to talk to Jack last night and got this in my face!
Daydreaming out the window too!
Daydreaming makes one so tired!
Don't even know what this was about last night!  Makes my neck hurt thinking about that one!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Well, a finish!

I started and finished the poncho this past weekend.  It is a pretty easy and fast pattern and came out just adorable too!  I found the yarn fairly easy to work with as well.  I would do another again!

My little collection jar show how busy a little beaver I have been!
Now I am working on my little doll.  Poor dear needs legs to stand on you know!  The legs are pesky things to do!  I bet the arms and head will be as well!
My beloved Jack is suffering thru a vertigo attack after being sweet and putting up a shelf for my salt and pepper shakers.  Most belonged to my grandmother on my mom's side.  One poor owl lost an eye along the way!  The potpourri heart is also hers and the little hummingbird I bought at the gift shop in a hospital where I worked.   The angel was a gift from my friend Angela and the round cross stitch was a present from a sweet friend in a nursing home where I worked.  The prayer is a piece I did.
Look!!!  It's a black pear!  LOL!  No, it's just Sylvia mad because I am not giving up the kitty cookies!
And flopping around on the sofa after dad gave her a kitty massage! 

Love those kitty toes!
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Busy, busy!

Been plenty busy crocheting around here!  Finished up a stack of angels and got them off.
Trying hard to finish a table runner too.  Should have had it done but I broke off for some time doing happily for others.
I am also working on a doll just to see if I can do it.  A friend has joined me!
We have had some pretty cold days lately and so it calls for hot cocoa in our favorite cups!
Oh I almost forgot that the yarn for a friends poncho came in!  Isn't It pretty?  This is the order it will be done in.
Here is my poor Jack listening to the fella trying over and over to get him to keep phone service and then trying to sale him tv service. We only use an antenna for our rare tv watching, thank you!  We are getting a cell phone at month's end.
Sylvia is demanding more cookies now!  She would gorge herself if allowed.
Sylvia and the box!  I think it knocked her over!  LOL!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Where did Monday go?

Well, I forgot to post yesterday so here I am today!  Right now I am working on repairing an afghan for a friend.  Going to be a big job but I don't mind!
And I have made a lot of progress on my little girl as well.
My jacket is on hold as I need more of one color and I am also I am still working on Jack's vest but no pictures of that this time!  I also have yarn coming in to make a poncho for someone.  Now let's have some Sylvia Joy fun!  First a nice belly rub from dad!
And sitting on my foot!
And we got a little skiff of snow Sunday morning.  Not a lot but we will take it!

And a few more pictures of Sylvia

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.