Thursday, January 6, 2011

Attacks of many kinds and stitching too!

There has been plenty of this going on with Sylvia this week. She do love to nap!
But there has not only been toy mouse abuse but also blatant rug abuse!
And the torturing of innocent house shoes!
Quickly followed by more of this!  LOL!
Now on to some stitchy stuff.  I am really close to finishing my rooster!  Right now I have switched back to working on the wolf.
Here is Jack's progress on The last supper.  He is coming along really great!
I am in an area on my wolf where the colors jump around a lot so my going is slow but I am getting there!
So that is what we have been up to.  I hope you have a blessed, wonderful week!  Huggles.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Mr. Jack is doing a great job!!! I love the rooster too.

Jaimie said...

Beautiful work! I especially love the Last Supper. Can't wait to see that one finished! Oh and cute kitty too.
Have a great day,

Lisa said...

Beautiful work on the projects, Michelle! Sylvia sounds like our cats who always love a good "attack." This morning I had my foot sticking out of the covers and was moving it back and forth. When I realized he was "stalking" my foot I stopped moving and went back to reading...only to have my foot pounced on a minute later!

Aliene said...

I an new here but have enjoyed reading some of your post. I love that old song, I love the rooster cross stitch rooster. I haven't cross stitched in a while but will get back to it. I invite you to visit my blog and go back, read a few post and see if you would like to become a follower.

Sharon said...

What an excellent rooster! Where ever did you find the pattern? You two do beautiful work and nice blog! It's always fun to find a fellow Ozarker!

greeneyes616 said...

What beautiful work, so gifted...I love the one of sylvia looking out window....God Bless I love the blog and your humor


Me and that ol' cat must be related.
I don't care much for mice and I love cat naps! :-)

God bless you Michelle and have a great week


PlainCatholic said...

Too funny, Sylvia making her own snack. If she had opposable thumbs like humans the refrigerator would never be safe again.

Lovely progress on the stitching!