Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wolves.cats, Jack & more!

This has become the usual around here of a morning in our living room. Looks all sweet and innocent right? Actually it is very funny as Jack tries to defend his bowl of cereal and see thru Sylvia to do his morning computer stuff!
Yummy!  Made a batch of bread pudding!  The recipe is here.  It came out perfect and so good on a cold day!
The wolf is coming along well.  I am out of a couple colors with no extras but it won't stop me!
This is a close up of the area I am working on.  I am filling in the area from around his eye down to the "button" of his nose.
Not much alse going on with Jack being down with his foot.  I hope your day is blessed!  Huggles.


Karin said...

What a sweet kitty! And great progress on your work.

Jaimie said...

Nice work on the wolf! And that bread pudding looks yummy. HOpe you have a great day Michelle!


I put my money on Sylvia the cat :-)