Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lots of updates!

I thought it would be fun to take pictures of all the cross stitch projects Jack and I had done over the years. Not counting of course, ones already framed or given away. I honestly thought they would all fit on the bed but it avtually took to photos to do.

I am nearly done now with my rooster.  His body is outlined and now I am working on the grass and then I will outline his legs.
Jack and I have been sitting and cross stitching in the evenings a lot this past week so he has a lot done as well.  It is looking good!
Here is the wolf.  I have stopped for now both for a break and probably until I get the needed floss.
So there ya go.  Be blessed and huggles!


Lana said...

Wow!! That is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Your rooster looks great, as does Jacks Last supper piece and the wolf!!

Lisa said...

Oh Michelle, what beautiful pieces of art you and Jack have created! The angel on the blue background may just be my favorite, but the piece directly above it sure looks interesting (with the two trees and a church - I think in the middle). It's so hard to see what they all look like, but several I remember from your posts. What a lovely collection!

PlainCatholic said...

So many beautiful projects showing years of accomplishment. God bless you both! Sylvia likes to hide her eyes for napping like our kitties do. Furry fun!

Barbara said...

I think they should all be kept for posterity. The time will come when they will be collectors items.

Trust your new year is going well Michelle.