Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Monday!

You know when I have good pictures of Sylvia I have to share! She loves this pillow on the sofa. So much so that if Jack has his feet on it when she wants a nap, he gets the "look". LOL!

Today Jack is not feeling well at all.  Lots of pain in both feet making it difficult to walk and feverish.  It is old hat for us and shall soon pass.  I spent some time rubbing his feet which often helps.
He did get some work done on his project.  It is just going to be beautiful when it is done!
Miss Sylvia this morning watching the world.  She often sets there when we are on the computer to keep us company.  She likes to come over on the desk and interrupt your computing too!
Here is my project.  At last the wolf has an eye!  I am nearly done with this page and it wasn't to bad.
So be blessed and huggles.  I pray you have a wonderful week!


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Praying for Mr. Jack. I hope he feels better soon.

Looks like Sylvia is adjusting well at your home.


sunnycalgirl said...

Nice pictures! Hope your hubby gets well soon. Mine has been under the weather too..

PEA said...

Sylvia sure has found a loving home with you and Jack:-) I do hope that Jack is feeling much better today, breaks my heart when I seen anyone suffering from pain. I know he's got a good nurse in you, though! hehe You're both doing so well on your latest cross stitch projects, beautiful. xoxo


Miss Sylvia looks like she's the boss around there!

Both projects a looking good :-)