Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shall we dive into some cross stitch?

I caught Jack just a bit ago sewing away on his project. He is so used to my orneriness he didn't even bat an eye!
Miss Sylvia Joy got a present in the mail today from our dear friend Karen.  that cat now has more toys than Carter has liver pills!  LOL!
Here is a picture of Jack's project.  I can not wait to see it finished.  When he adds the outlining, that really just sets it off!
My wolf has the beginnings of an eye.  I would have been done with it, but I made a mistake in placement of a row of black so a rippin' I went.  Back on track now if I can keep a certain cat from sneaking up on me and laying on it when it is in my lap!
So that is what we are up to these cold snowy days.  I hope you are blessed!  Huggles.


Virpi said...

You and your husband are both very talented. I really like your wolf!

Lucy said...

You are right...the outlining is going to bring hubby's picture to life.

Dee said...

You guys are so creative...the pictures are coming along wonderfully. Miss Sylvia is one lucky cat.

Amydeanne said...

looks like your stitching is coming a long lovely! I think that's wonderful that Jake stitches as well! And look at that loot that Sylvia got! woosa's! I'm sure she's one happy cat! lol
hugs & prayers!

Dawn said...

That Last Supper is going to be fabulous, as well as the wolf. I can't do cross stitch any more unless I sit at a window in the bright sunshine!