Monday, March 23, 2020

Better post before March gets away from me!

So sorry for so long in posting. You know life gets in the way. Did I tell you about my little brother Mike? We have not spoken in 18 years and he had to have triple bypass just before Sylvia passed away. We are talking again and will go to see him after all this stuff gets over with. Here he is with one of his five cats named Flower
We look a lot alike don't you think?
Jack is still busy on his baby quilt as you can see.
I am working on bookmarks. It is a pattern called Higher love by Draiguna
I also am finishing up a baby quilt for someone. Jack did it some time ago.

Oh and look at my awesome find at a thrift store! I needed some decent glasses for company and bought all of these old soda fountain ones for ten dollars.
We also have been having a lot of rain and last week it even took the cap off our chimney. That was loud when it hit by our bedroom. More rain and storms coming tonight.

And now for Bozz news. The first couple weeks were not fun! He was so anxious and unnerved he was being very aggressive. A couple nights were so bad I had a panic attack myself and had to lock him out of the bedroom. I got some homeopathic meds for him and by end of the third wee it was really helping. Now he is mostly just a big, silly, clumsy dork!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Meet Bozz!

It is pretty soon after losing Sylvia, but when the right furry person comes along you know it! And so it was with this 10.3 pound bundle of cuddles and love. We brought him home yesterday and he was overwhelmed but still affectionate! But do not stand in his way when meals or cookies are served. You may get steamrolled! Today is a much better day for him and he is loving his new life. I can feel my broken heart beginning to mend already! Enjoy the pictures of him. I will post another day some stitchy things.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Our sweet Sylvia has passed

Today Jack and I have very broken hearts. Sylvia became ill Tuesday and had a vet visit Friday. She had kidney failure and a uti also. The vet thought with special food she would have time left with us maybe a year or more. But we were all worried as she had already dropped to 5.86 pounds. She managed a wee bit of food that night and we hoped! However Saturday was a big downslide. She was having trouble walking and hiding under the bed. Last night I awoke to her retching and gagging and crying out in pain. she did not want to be touched and went back under the bed and the pain eased some. I lay on the floor close to the bed so she knew I was there. It was obvious she was hurting and could not settle. She tried to turn her head upside down and look funny at me as she often did. By six, it was obvious she was ready to let go of that painful body so I woke Jack up. She tried to purr for him and cuddled up to him for some last loves. She did not fight going into her crate and we made that short trip for her journey to a pain free place in Heaven. At 8:46 this morning she was set free from a world of pain. While Jack sat and grieved with her when we arrived home, I dug her little grave in a favorite spot and we said so long for now. Oh how it hurts to let her go! But we could not be selfish and let her suffer so we could keep her longer. These are the last pictures taken of her some only last weekend and week. Good bye my sweet kitty, you were a blessing.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Got Lost again!

Sorry for the long absence! Sometime life gets in the way. Been some sickness, some busyness and < I am sure, some laziness! LOL! I am trying to finish up a very large order I promised to have ready and shipped by end of January. With hard work, it is nearly done and will be finished by tomorrow. This is what has taken me so long on the order. A tablecloth about 70 inches in size.

I did manage to make a vest for myself on a me day. It is fun to do as it is all done in one piece and sewn at the shoulders.
On another me day, I took time to do the first square on the Moogly Blog 2020 sew along. The next square is out and I will get it done this week.
I even squeezed in time to start a blanket Jack wants for when he is on the floor trying to ease his legs. The other afghans are a bit to small. This pattern is Families of Change by Frank O'Randle.
Jack is also still very busy making baby blankets as well. I have two I need to put a back on for him yet.
Now on to other fun things. Jack and I got a lovely card from the Sunday School kiddos and this Norfolk pine. The pine has been named Phineas.
We also had a bit of an ice storm last weekend. It cleared quickly thankfully and the crepe myrtles looked lovely!

Can you find the blue jay? He came to visit.
I leave you with silly Sylvia pictures!

Thanks for visiting! Huggles and blessings.