Friday, September 1, 2006

A finish

I finished this a couple days ago. It is what I worked on after I put my tree skirt down. Now I am back to the "Gathering Honey" project. I will work on the tree skirt one week a month until I get it done. I will have it finished one way or another by Christmas.

This project is on Magic Sprinkles fabric and the pattern is celtic keys in case anyone forgot.


  1. Hi Michelle!
    I REALLY like this design and fabric! Hmmmm Stab and Stash....never heard of it! Would the website be
    By the way, your DH's stitching is beautiful!


  2. Michelle! It looks wonderful! I came across your blog, so I hope you do not mind me posting! Can you send me a copy of the photo and the chart info, so I can post it to our website? Because you would be the first one in the showcase, I would be willing to send you a free piece of 9x12 fabric of your choice for free! Let me know!

    Owner of


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