Monday, September 25, 2006

Our weekend

I wanted to share a couple pics with you. The first is the storm clouds coming our way. All we got was heavy rain and the lightening and thunder. However, some parts of Missoui were severely damaged with tornadoes and bad storms.

The next pic is Katie in a scarf that belonged to our Bubba Joe who passed away in March of 2004 at age 6 years. I know he would be pleased to see Katie wearing it. I will add a pic of him too. The pic is a artwork done by Larry merril. Bubba was quite the boy! He visited in nursing homes and never met a stranger. He could hold his ears up earning the nickname of Batdog!!! LOL! He was always a sickly dog but that didn't curb his zest for life. Someone remarked to me that Bubba lived more in his short 6 years than some folks do in 80. That's all for today. Hope your day is richly blessed!!!!

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