Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thanks Anne S!!!!!!

I have a lot of small projects laying around that I never knew quite what to do with them. Well now I do all thanks to a post on Anne S's Feather Stitching blog. Seems she makes them into little pillows and puts them in a basket. Well, that solves another problem! When I was still able to work I was a housekeeper in a small assisted living facility. There was a sweet retired preacher there who was 100 years young. He made baskets out of oak strips. I grew close to this wise, gentle man and he wanted to give me a basket so that I will always remember him. It is beautiful!!! He made it when his eyesight was failing so it is crooked but that is fine as nothing in life is ever perfect. So now I can put my small finishes in that basket. I know it will bring a smile each time I see it.


Vicki said...

That's great! Now you'll be able to get use out of both things. Be sure to post a pic of your pillows in the basket. I'd love to see it.

xsquared said...

What a lovely idea!

Lili said...

This is one of the most touching thoughts I've seen, Michelle; and I do work very much like you: with my heart...(sometimes a little problematic). The next time someone wants to offer me something, I will suggest a basket where I could put my finished work as well. It's a wonderful way of displaying things. Any chance you could post a pic of your own basket?
I hope you enjoyed your week end stitching with hubby!
Your finished little project is very beautiful, I love the fabric you chose.
Take care!

AnneS said...

I'm glad I could enable you into having a basket of your own ... yours is beautiful, and has such a touching story to go with it :) Can't wait to see it filling up :D