Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What a day!!!

Oh my but the weather is glorious here! I was actually cold taking Katie for her morning walk but I am not complaining one bit! Yesterday Jack, Katie and I spent time on the patio watching the horses out back. They aren't ours but I love to give them treats and pet them. They all are very sweet natured.

Of course with this nice weather, Katie has been a grasshopper chasing fool! She would go out every 5 minutes if allowed. Today she zeroed in on one and it jumped on her ear. It was funny! Katie didn't even know he was there. She was busy trying to find him in the grass! Too bad I didn't have my camera. I hope everyone out there is having an awesome week. Here is a pic of the view on the back of our duplex.

The horses were hiding out somewhere else when I took the picture. Oh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~Velda said...

What an absolutely beautiful blue sky!!!!!!!

Vicki said...

It's about to turn colder here starting tonight. Beautiful picture.

Meari said...

Love the 'beauty rest' pic of Katie. :) I can just see her chasing grasshoppers!