Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The wild weekend drive!

Every now and then Jack and I like to go for a Sunday afternoon ride in the country just for fun. No place in particular at all. We just pick a direction and off we go for our little jaunt.
This was the first time we have done this since Katie our min pin came to live with us the end of May. We stopped and had a little bit of ice cream at Sonic and we were off.
Then Jack remarked that there was a grasshopper in the car on the back glass. I was thinking, "Just so long as he doesn't jump on me!" Then Katie spotted him and the battle was on. She was all over the back seat bouncing up, trying to get up in the window, zooming here and zipping there. It was a riot!!!! I wonder what people thought if they saw her!!!!!!! She caught it and much to my surprise she ate it! That WASN'T funny!!! I was so glad I wasn't eating my ice cream then! You should have seen Jack's face!!! LOL!!!!! He was really not enjoying it either!
However, Katie's expression was nothing short of smug!! She licked her lips, put her front paws on the console between us and acted as if nothing had happened. She was ready for her ride and that grasshopper was only a memory. I kinda felt sorry for the poor thing. That was the most interesting ride I have ever had.


~Velda said...


Good thing you don't have a bigger dog, that would have been very chaotic! cat does the same thing, it's quite amusing to watch.

Martha said...

That's too funny. My dad once ate a grasshopper. he was a little kid, of course. My mom asked him why he did it and how it tasted. He said the ducks were eating them and loving it, and... it scratched all the way down.

Vicki said...

ROFL I can just imagine Katie zipping back and forth trying to catch that grasshopper. Sounds like she wanted to make sure she got her snack since you guys had gotten one. LOL