Friday, September 1, 2006

A finish

I finished this a couple days ago. It is what I worked on after I put my tree skirt down. Now I am back to the "Gathering Honey" project. I will work on the tree skirt one week a month until I get it done. I will have it finished one way or another by Christmas.

This project is on Magic Sprinkles fabric and the pattern is celtic keys in case anyone forgot.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle!
I REALLY like this design and fabric! Hmmmm Stab and Stash....never heard of it! Would the website be
By the way, your DH's stitching is beautiful!


Megan said...

It looks terrific!

Anonymous said...

Michelle! It looks wonderful! I came across your blog, so I hope you do not mind me posting! Can you send me a copy of the photo and the chart info, so I can post it to our website? Because you would be the first one in the showcase, I would be willing to send you a free piece of 9x12 fabric of your choice for free! Let me know!

Owner of