Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ready for Christmas

Well thanksgiving is over. And as per are custom we decaorated for Christmas this weekend. This is the table cloth Jack made. his first experience with metallic threads. he didn't much like it but a little thread heaven helped. Wonder if that is why he got gray hair?

Here are the snowfolks. Along with my grandmothers church and her people. I treasure these. I am sorry you can't see the handmade snowman my Aunt made me in her last year of life. She had terminal cancer but she was still very active in church and hobbies as long as she could be. I promise to take a pic of my snowman.

Here is our little tree. With it's homemade and given goodies.

My goofy cat wreath. It will be undone and remade for next year. After 11 years with it, I have had enough!

This is the tree skirt I managed to finish. We always put our nativity set under the tree.

And here is poor katie-Bug! I think she barely survived thanksgiving. Poor baby!


  1. Your decorations are lovely. We will begin ours this weekend. I just got my fall ones boxed up!

  2. I like your goofy cat wreath and your snowmen. I don't have too many Christmas decorations yet... But I've only had one Christmas with my hubby, and I do look forward to finding neat little things to make my home feel more festive for the Holidays.

  3. What a beautiful Xmas decoration! I'm itchy to put mine but DH wants me to wait until Dec 1st. I won't! I need lights and good things to look forward to. And I want to place my first cross stitched ornies on my tree too.
    Give Katie a big huge hug for me please: this is what I feel like doing every time I see her...
    Loved your Thanksgiving pic! Very funny! I'll share it with my family tonight...
    Take care!

  4. Your decorations are lovely! And I like your cat wreath. I don't think you should refo it at all.

  5. I love the photo shot of your dog!

  6. LMAO! Love the pic of Katiebug. All your decorations look beautiful. I'll be getting my stuff out soon. I'm not quite as good at that stuff as some of you others are!

  7. I so loved seeing your Christmas tree and other decorations!!! Everything looks fabulous and oh my, how wonderful is that tablecloth?? He may have gotten grey hair making it but it's gorgeous! lol


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