Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some updates and some fun photos

Look at the beautiful, huge leaf Katie and I found on our walk. I think it is wonderful! Doesn't take much to thrill me!

Look at the progress on Jack's quilt! I just love the cute stars and the angel bear. Had to leave Katie in the pic. Looks like she is praying. The pattern on this quilt is significant for the person it is being made for. She miscarried 3 or 4 little ones before getting pregnant. So the angel bear represent her angels in Heaven. The little bear being held represents her little Johnathan who is due December 31st.

Finally my pansies. I have one more full flower to go and some buds. Also the basket and a butterfly. It is a freebie pattern from Janlynn. it will become a smalls pillow.


Vicki said...

What beautiful colors in the leaf.

Jack is making great progress. Sounds like it will be perfect for your friend.

Nice job on the pansies. Looking forward to seeing it finished into a pillow.

Sue said...

That little bear quilt representing her lost little ones is so touching.
I know she'll love it.
The pansies are gorgeous!

Meari said...

Love that leaf! It's so pretty. Tell Jack his quilt is adorable. Was that ant a bit crunchy? ;)

OK - So your letter will be.... drum roll please... Ummmm (scratching head).... How 'bout the letter.... U

Stitchingnow said...

The WIP is lovely and I bet she will like it when finished. You did good with the letter U.

Vonna said...

Lovely Michelle! Both Jack's work on the Quilt and the meaning behind it. Plus your pansies are gorgeous!
Happy Day!

Kitty said...

Great Jobs Michelle & Jack!!

The quilt is lovely and it carries so much warm thoughts and blessings from you, she'll be very happy to receive it!

The pansies are beautiful!! Looking forward to seeing the whole finished piece!