Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thank you all my friends **trigger**

So many of you have said such nice things about my mom and I appreciate it. Mom suffered from depression but yet she found joy in every day and I try to do the same. She could be a big kid herself and I am that way too. it was so hard when she passed away. Myself and my 6 year old brother were often left to fend for ourselves and I became like a mother to him. I was molested by a neighbor at this time. It was scary after being so cared for and loved by mom. My half brother went to live with family. When we moved closer to family, my grandmother retired early and did as much as she could for us kids. My brother and I had a lot of trouble as teenagers and young adults with drugs and alchol. At age 19 I was kidnapped, attacked, and left for dead. That was the beginning of the turning point for me. I met my current hubby who helped me a lot and started taking me to church. I became a Christian woman and prayer has helped me deal with illness and grief and all the other stuff. The emotional issues and scars from that are a work in progress. I will never be completly free of my mental or physical illnesses but that is okay. Sometimes that is how God uses us to help others. I would never go through all I have been through again, but it has made me who I am. I like to think that I am mostly a good person who loves the people I have met on here. I want to share with others, bring a smile and help someone find the joy in each day. I choose to use the bad that has happened to me as good to help someone else. I am changed by what has happened but I love my life!


Pamela said...

Michelle, I enjoyed catching up on all your posts. It is tragic that you lost your Mom at such a young age. You had what appears to have been a hard childhood. At least where you said you were attacked and left for dead. I am glad God put your sweet hubby in your life. God is good like that! lol Nice that he took you to church. You are very blessed to have each other! :) Thanks so much for sharing, I have no doubt that we can help others through our experiences. :)

Martha said...
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Vicki said...

(((Hugs))) Michelle. You are such an outgoing bubbly person, I would have never guessed you had such tragedy in your past. I'm sooo sorry that you had to experience all that. I love how you can reach out and share with others despite how cruel others were to you. If you had stayed inside yourself, they would have won and that would have been a tragedy. I love reading your posts and your comments to mine. You are one amazing woman. Thanks for sharing your story. (((Hugs)))