Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hey and how do and all that jazz!

It is a lovely sunny day here in the ozarks! 61 degrees right now. Katie and I just came in from a hunting expedition! grasshoppers of course!!!! LOL! Ready for a day in the life of us hillbillies? Well here goes!

Mom is tired! Kinda feeling lazy! My word look at that hair! that stuff is flat and needs cut! Geez!!! Blue eyes aren't so bad! LOL!

Dad was in the hobby room playing games on pogo and enjoying a rare sweet treat! Gotta watch that blood sugar! Look at that smile! I think he's been up to something or having to much fun! Gonna have to keep my eye on him!

But look at this! I did finish Bitterest flower by Birds of a feather. I used DMC instead of the specialty ones called for. I want to make a couple snowflake ornies. You can just see them behind the other chart. I also plan on doing this mill hill one. So I have been busy! Oh and I have the tree skirt all ready to sew so we can put up our tree this weekend! Good girl for me! Well, I just can't leave you without a couple pics of Katie! Hugs!


Martha said...

It's rather cold here in western NY, 38 degrees and feeling chilly, But the sun came out too so that was nice.

Vonna said...

You and Jack look like your having a nice and lazy day...we all deserve those kind of days!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Michelle!

xsquared said...

Great finish! Wish it was 61 here in NJ - it is finally getting really chilly.

~Velda said...

what great photos! Oh what I wouldn't give to be a dog for a day and lay in the sunshine like that!

Lili said...

Hi Michelle!
Thank you for sharing all these happy moments. And a particular thank you for the poem: I have read it aloud, and it's really beautiful. I'm printing it.
I have also read your post that said how you overcame all the difficult moments you have experienced, and I just wanted to say how strong you seem to me. Respect.
Take care!

Meari said...

LOL, yup! Jack looks like he's up to no good. Katie, as usual is enjoying herself. She just cracks me up!