Thursday, November 30, 2006

The letter U

I got this from Meari's blog. She assigned me the letter U. So here are ten things that begin with U and what they mean to me.
1. Uncle-my uncle Don who I loved and miss so much.
2. unicorn-always believe in the magic moments in life.
3. undying-the love for God and my husband
4. Universe-a pretty good place to live! LOL!
5. Unfailing-my belief in the beauty of life.
6. Under-Never letting the bad things in life pull me down.
7. United-my friends and I.
8. undone-me when I get nervous!!! LOL!
9. Unique-everyone is different.
10. Unwrap-the beginning of a bright new day!

Thanks a lot Meari! that was tough but I did it! Anyone want to play? Just comment and I will assign you a letter. Then you do the same as me. Put a word and what it means to you.


Vicki said...

Okay I'll finally get up the nerve to try this. Just assign me an easy letter okay Michelle. ;)

Barbara said...

I'd love to give this fun game a try if you'll assign me a letter, too, please!