Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another poem

With the winter weather here and in other parts of the country, I wanted to share another poem. i hope you guys like this one.

To a redbird

I think that I shall never see
A lovelier sight, redbird, than thee.
Your crimson beauty mid the snow
Just fills my heart to overflow.
You glitter just like a jewel most fair
As sunlight strikes you perching there
Upon the bough in silvery tree,
Your picture framed in filigree
By Jack Frost's magical design-
A living painting that is mine.
For one brief moment, then you're gone,
But your beauty lingers on and on.

Beverly J. Anderson

That You indeed are my help, and in the
shadow of Your wings I shout for joy
Psalm 63:8

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Martha said...

What a nice little poem. I remember the days when my dad collected Ideal magazines. They were really wonderful books full of beautiful pictures and lovely poems and stories. The collection still sits in the bookcase at Mom and Dad's house and once in a great while, I'll still lokk through them. Both Thomas Kincaide's paintings and the Redbird poem belong in an Ideal magazine.