Friday, November 17, 2006

A wonderful Thursday!

Oh but I had the most wonderful day yesterday! A dear friend who lives in Marshfield came to see us. This is no small feat for her as she suffers from MS along with other ailments. We have wanted to meet for so long and at last God saw fit to bring us together. We are like sisters! She goes by the mickname of Cherokee because she is native american. She has given many of her friends special names. She calls me tender of heart. I like that! I gave her homemade dishclothes I had crocheted and look at the lovely pillowcases she made for us. Plus she gave me an adorable little angel. Aren't they pretty? I told Jack at least now when I wake up I will know who I am! LOL! he says if he doesn't know who he is by then, the heck with it!!!!! Cherokee and I laughed and talked and hugged and held hands. We had a nice prayer together with our hubbies before we parted.
Now of course here is a silly picture of Katie-Bug!


  1. Isn't it wonderful to meet up with someone and feel an instant kinship to?! What a lovely gift she made for you, I've no doubt you will treasure it always:-)

  2. Michelle, how nice that your were able to get together with your sweet Native American friend! You do seem to be tender hearted! It is a good name for you! Oh, I love the pictures of the pillow cases. Katie-Bug looks snug as a bug in a rug! lol

    Hey, I just wanted to Thank You for the sweet Birthday well wishes! They meant so much and really helped to make my day special! :)

  3. Sounds like an awesome visit. The pillowcases are beautiful. Did you take any pics of the dishcloths you made? Cute pic of Katie! She's a riot!

  4. Your pup is so cute and what a gorgeous quilt. I love the pillow cases my MIL makes. I hate to use them they are so pretty! God Bless your sweet friend and you!

  5. How wonderful!!!!!!!! Sounds like a perfect day with a new friend. Lovely gift.

  6. A visit from a friend, old or new, is always fun! So glad you had a chance to meet and share some special gifts.

  7. What a wonderful time to share together!

  8. Hi Katie-Bug & Auntie Michelle!

    Katie-Bug you look so comfy all snuggled in your beautiful blankie!

    Bye-bye for now!

    Love your pal,


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