Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My gifts from the wish fairy

I was so blessed Saturday to get a surprise in the mail. I belong to a forum called Cross Stitch Crazy and they have wish fairies. Well I was blessed by the wish fairy. I got a hand dyed piece of fabric from Stab and Stash called magic sprinkles. Two DMC fabrics, one in light violet blue the other is a huge piece of their new linen aida fabric. Plus three skeins of hand dyed floss. A color called Aurora, one called peppermint and one called Autumn Leaves. I feel so blessed and God is good! I have been blessed with a lot this year and I am very thankful.

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Lili said...

It's a lovely blog you have! You're bookmarked now!!!
The berries: I don't envy you...
As for the stash and lovely project you're stitching now, wow!
Take care!
PS: I know another stitching couple: on my blog, pick Kim's in stitches and Greg's bent needle, they're the stitching couple! Very nice btw. And enjoy...