Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oh that Katie!!!

I just have to write more about Katie. She is such a funny girl. When we are walking she grumbles and barks at people but she is actually a big softie and loves to be petted. She adores kids so much! She just has to put on this tough front for the world. Kinda like some people!

You should see her when she goes for an R-I-D-E. Either she is in my lap looking out the window, sitting on the console between us or going back and forth on the back seat. When she sits on the console, it makes it hard to shift and she is good at getting her head in the way when you need to look for traffic! LOL! But that is okay.

She is also very demanding when she thinks it is supper time. She seems to know what time it is and demands her meal betweeen four and four thirty. Believe me she lets you know she needs that food and now! She is also very good at waking me up really early to take her walk. Usually she has me up before six. It is a nice time for a walk though so I don't mind really. We always lay down for a nap afterwards. I just don't do early mornings!

Well, that is my funny girl. She sure puts a sparkle in two differently-abled peoples lives. She keeps us smiling.

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