Friday, August 4, 2006

We are sweltering here!

Hello and welcome. I just wanted to do a blog about our simple life here in Missouri. Hubby and I both cross stitch. He does stamped and I do counted. We call ourselves the sew n' sews! We are owned by Katie-Bug the min pin. She is about 4 years old. She has lived with us since May of this year. She is a rescue dog who was found roaming the streets here very much pregnant. She had her 6 pups, raised them, sent them on too new homes and came to brighten our lives. It has been tough the last couple years. We lost our 6 and a half year old doxie to liver failure March 26, 2004 and then March 16 2006 we lost our 14 year old doxie. That is a lot of heart ache in such a short time! Okay that is enough of an intro. Here is a pic of my family. There is Jack, me and our neice Tina.

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