Friday, August 11, 2006

Plugging along!!!

I am going along quite well with my latest project. This was my work as of Wednesday. I have finished the little garden section I was working on, plus the one to the right of it. Now I am working on the saying that is above and below this area. I messed up on the bottem verse and had to tear it all out!!! ARRRGGGG! Frustrating! Oh well, as you sew, sew shall you rip!


lena-lou said...

Thanks for visitng my is nice to 'meet' you :-) I like this what you are stitching very much...I like bee things too!! Its a total nuisance when it goes wrong but it happens to us all I think!
I'll visit your blog again soon!

lena-lou said...

PS. Welcome to the world of blogging by the way!