Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yippee!!! Happy day

Well, the birds are done on my tree skirt. I am on to the berries and boy there are a lot of them!!! I might be seeing them in my sleep. LOL! What a nightmare that would be--berries all over the place coming after me! Run for the hills. Okay, I know I have a vivid imagination. I have discovered that outlining them first and then filling in is the easiest way to do it. Question is, will I have the darn thing done by Christmas? Even if I don't get the fabric backing on, I would like to have it ready enough to use this year. We have been using a bright colored towel and, well, we are both tired of that! So that is my day. Thanks for listening. Oh, here is a funny pic to make you smile today!


Vicki said...

Congrats on getting the birds finished. Do you have anything left to do after the berries? Hopefully you'll be able to get it completed in time for Christmas. Good luck!

Sharon said...

I am sure you will get your berries done by Christmas! Your dog is too funny lying there-oh the life!